Seller Client Testimonial

"Well, the first point to make is that after having tried an "independent" realtor (who was a nightmare of a disaster) I was at wits end. I had been made insecure, I was angry, and my anxiety was through the roof. Now, what do I do? I fire that witch and I HIRE MIRACLE MIKE! Through my doctor's recommendation, I contacted Michael DellAccio and I WAS IN PARADISE! Michael allayed my anxiety through his sincere desire to make my life better and happier by selling my house for the highest price he could negotiate. His professionalism gave me such a sense of security (especially after the independent realtor disrespected the quality of my house) and his time, patience, and sweetness of character washed my anger away--oh the laughs we had!
Now, I am not one to cherish realtors (or lawyers) however, I would recommend Michael and his sincerity and professionalism to ANYONE!"

Marie A. DeSimone, Massapequa

Buyer Client Testimonial

"Now, while I asked Mike to take on negotiations for me, and get me my dream, as he did, he also PUT HIS ENTIRE LIFE ASIDE RESCHEDULING HIS PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL LIFE IN ORDER TO FIND ME A CONDO (this was before the second dream condo became available). Since I had to close within a relatively short time on my house, "Miracle Mike" stopped my crying on one particularly emotional phone call and said that no matter what he had to do to find me a condo that would make me happy, he would do...AND GOD DID HE MAKE GOOD ON HIS PROMISE!!! Michael took me to see condos on weekends, nights, weekdays, and even holidays! There are children who wouldn't do this for a parent!!!! Michael is a "BEYOND PERFORMER"!"

Marie A. Desimone, Blue Point

Buyer Client Testimonial

"Mike Dellaccio we cant thank you enough for all your time. You are outstanding, very professional,
responsible, funny, and trustworthy. We enjoyed working with you. I definitely recommend you to my family
and friends. Looking forward to working with you in the future again!"

The Marine’s, Babylon

Buyer Client Testimonial

“Michael was absolutely AMAZING! He is very knowledgeable and understood exactly what we were looking for and did appropriate searches and gave pertinent recommendations. He had so much patience with us and dedicated a lot of his time to our case and never once made us feel as though we were a bother. Even in such a crazy market, he never made us feel as though we should just settle and continued to look at numerous homes until we found the right one. He was always quick to respond to us which I appreciate a lot. He was very professional but still was able to be very friendly with us. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. It was thanks to his help that we were able to find out dream home with everything we were looking for!"

Megan Belanich, Holtsville

Buyer Client Testimonial

“Michael was very professional and knowledgeable in the real estate market.
Timely and responsive in all aspects."

Chris Farinacci, Dix Hills